a whirlwind overview :)

Wow! It's hard to believe we have been here 3 full days! We are learning so much about each child and figuring out as we go. 
My brain and body are  so tired I'm only going to post a bit. Once we get home I may never be able to post again! :)
Some highlights of the first day:
Picking up the chldren at the transition home and saying good bye to the nannies and doctor.
We took pictures with the dr. who is from the same region as our children and she asked for us to send them to her. She thanked us for adopting them. 

Climbing 3 flights of stairs to our room trying to keep ahold of 4 kids (who take off freely for wherever they please) :) Following  one such children who ran into a room (not ours!). I ran after her holding baby on my hip and found her half laying at the end of the bed while a man laying in bed looked shocked at her. I quickly apologized and pulled her out of the room!

There are hoses with nozzles  next to the toilet to wash out the toilet. One boy shot the hose all over the toilet.

That' a short of recap of first day...
We are constantly chasing, hugging, encouraging, figuring out language, loving on, saying Gobez (good job)
bacca (enough), coy, (wait), 
The chef at the guest house after breakfast this morning said, "busy" shaking his head and smiling.
When we come through we definitely make waves.

Can't wait to come home! We miss our boys! Everyone her has been very gracious and accommodating.
PLEASEEEEE pray for us as we leave tomorrow night on a 16 hr flight. We have to be to be there 3 hrs early and our flight leaves at 10:15. Way best bedtime!! :)

Almost home and into a new normal. Please pray for the transition and the children's little hearts.
(seems like I am asking for a lot of prayer but we need it! :))

Love, Tracy