WHIRLWIND and 2 hr to go :)

Good MORNING (it's 2:23 am) Friends!
I am POOPED but ready to go I think...my brain is a tad fuzzy!

This week has been a blur...
MONDAY and TUESDAY college orientation with Nick
very informative
very enlightening
very different from Christian schools... I finally realized the Orientation leaders weren't going to pray before or after their talks
enjoyed meeting new Mom's 
can't believe Nick is registered for college

Have 4 suitcases stuffed with donations (oops just remembered I need to duct tape one of them!)
and 4 suitcases of our stuff plus all carry ons

Have a bag food of goodies for my little guy
this will be the longest time we have ever been away from him
he is sad
and excited he gets to be with Grandma and Pop-Pop
Pray for Grandma who is playing with him!

I am having a multitude of emotions and know they will be magnified when we get to Ethiopia and love on our children
and see
what we have never seen before

Pray we will be a LIGHT


Marshmallows-Typhoid Pills & Garage Sales!

Last Friday
 5 of us went to the International Travel Clinic for a consultation and shots :)
As we sat waiting in the lobby a Grandma and Grandpa were there with their around 4 yr old grandaughter who was sacked out on the chairs. I gathered they had been there awhile just from listening to them talk with a nurse. After a moment the Grandma pulled a half eaten bag of marshmallows from her bag and handed one to the Grandpa. Some whispering and looking our direction went on and then Grandma offered Micah a marshmallow :)  He declined :)
They were so kind to offer and I thought how funny that here we are sitting in a Travel Clinic being offered a marshmallow! 

We have decided that Zach and Nick will be going with us to Ethiopia next week. Because of the importance of this trip we want them to experience our children's culture and history as well as be with the kids for this first meeting.  

Two hours later we came out of the clinic learning about all the possible parasites,virus', what they do and symptoms. Very eye-opening...Nick made the comment that he wants to stay in the US of A after hearing all that! Ha! :)

Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, Typoid Pills, and a prescription for Malaria pills and an antibiotic.
We decided not to get the Yellow Fever shot.


this Saturday July 9th!
(starting to think I was a little nuts planning this right before we leave)

Hoping to raise GOBS of mula  to help for the Embassy trip when we bring our 4 children home!

We will have a snow blower (winter will be here before we know it!), Cannondale Tandem Bike (great for a pre-marital exercise in who is in control!),
furniture, weight equipment, clothes, stroller, Little Tyke kitchen, wedding dress, plus all kinds of other TREASURES!

If you have anything you would like to donate give me a call! :)