The Perfect Bird

I had a fun conversation with my 5 yr old the other morning. We heard a little sweet chirping outside and he said to me, "We should get a bird that doesn't stink or poop!" Hmmm...interesting thought. We talked about that for awhile till I finally told him I didn't think there were any birds that didn't poop :)

As we were sitting at the table, he and I eating breakfast, he says to me,"My Dad is your Dad." I said "No, my Dad is Pop-Pop. Your Dad is my husband." 
Micah: "R.J. is my husband."
Me: "No, R.J. is your cousin."
Micah: "Why?"
Me: (thinking to myself this is getting complicated) "Because Aunt Kelly is Daddy's sister and R.J. is Kelly's son."
Micah: "Aunt Kelly is R.J.'s Aunt."
Me: "No, Aunt Kelly is R.J.'s mommy."

Micah: "I know that!"

Why is it that a my 5 year old sounds just like my teenagers did? 

My husband has a saying with Micah--How old is Daddy (or Mommy)? (he answers) How old is Micah? 5
Who knows more? (you do) Who is the boss? :) (you are)

They say it together laughingly and it's cute b/c Micah plays along and has fun with it. Just so you know...it doesn't work with teens or older :)  They are trying to figure life out on their own. Some of my most awesome moments have been when the boys have left home for college and called asking for advice! It's a great feeling! 

Once again in Bible study there was truth that resonated with me...

God does not require us to understand His will, just obey it, even if it seems unreasonable. 
Joshua 3:8

"Sometimes it feels as if God is no longer working in your life because you've insisted on doing something your way instead of His way. Perhaps you've placed a condition on God: you only obey Him when you think His instructions are logical. What that really means is that you've failed to commit yourself to Him completely, and that's bound to cause frustration in your life." 

"Are you hesitant to obey God because He's commanded you to do something that you're not comfortable with or that you think is irrational? If your prayers seem unanswered and the path ahead appears blocked, then it could be that God is waiting for you to take the step of faith that He's commanded. Don't lose hope about your circumstances." Charles Stanley  30 Life Principles

Much like our teens and young adults want to obey and follow instruction when it makes sense to them we (I)
as grownups struggle with the same obedience to  God. And it's all about relationships...with our children...and us with God. The more I know Him and read His word the more I am able to discern His will.
I am able to effective where He has placed me now if I am filled with Him. He doesn't demand  for us to obey  Him without desiring a deep relationship with Him. We can't expect our children to desire to obey without a relationship with them...TIME spent with them...getting to know them as God made them..not as who we think they should be. (oops...got off subject a bit :)

Just some things I have been learning this week. 
Take a moment to really focus on what your kids are saying to you...really listen...without trying to fix it :) I am learning to really listen this time around with Micah.
I am my boy's greatest fan and they need to know that!

taken by Christopher


Adoption Video with 'One Less'

I saw this and it spoke to me today...

Pause my playlist at bottom to hear this song by Matthew West