Please and Thank you :)

First Days Home: A brief recap :)

1. Learning Please and Thank you :)
2. Hummus is like Shiro
3. All our kids like cold green beans
4. They love spinach lasagna, sausage potatoe cheese casserole 
5. Can eat almost whole 9 x 13 pans of above items
6. Like to eat all day
7. Learning to stay in bed
8. Learning how to live again with baby permanently attached to hip
9. Teaching to spit in sink no on bathroom rug
10. Hands are not for hitting :)
11. Learning " I feel Alive" song and singing all the time
12. playing for hours on slide is great fun!
13. Watching them experience an elevator, escalator, hand dryer, water fountain, airplane etc. for first time
14. Seeing them say "I'm sorry" and " It's okay"
15. Thinking I have NEVER heard "Mom, Mom!!" so much in my life
16. Praying for sleep 
17. Being totally overwhelmed and stressed on first 16 hour flight with screaming, flailing kids and thanking 
for zonked out kids the whole 2nd 4 hr flight
18. Wondering if we were ever going to keep one little girl in bed and get any sleep
19. Thanking God for easier bedtimes every night
20. Randall hearing , "DAD! BICYCLE over and over"
21. Pushing such child on bicycle with soccer cleats on who doesn't know how to turn peddles yet.
22. Sore backs
23. Backpacks carried everywhere. 
24. Watching transition of wearing shoes with pjs to no shoes with pjs
25. Girls changing clothes all the time!
26. Having the entry date into US Oct. 16th, my birthday, instead of Oct. 15th which is when we landed.
27. Debating driving around all day with everyone buckled into car... no escapees that way..
well except for the child taking her arms out of car seat harness.
28. Hearing, "Let's Go!! Mom, Dad" whenever we slowed down or sat at a stop light.
29. Seeing Micah and 2 big kids bond and giggle and play together outside.
30. Watch baby go to Daddy for first time.
I took off!
31. Thanking God for family and good friends who have prayed and stepped in the gap for us.

Well, I know there's more but I'm pooped. :)
Praying everyone sleeps all night tonite! :)
Thankful for a sweet husband who has spent so much time playing and taking care of the big kids while baby is stuck to my side :)
Thankful for my son who has helped with kids and cleaned kitchen and toys every night.
Thankful for Mom who watched Micah all week while were gone along with all the cleaning etc :)
For friends who are bringing meals and came over and cleaned! :)
Thankful for Kelly who went to Ethiopia with us. We literally could not have done it without her.
Thankful for all you praying...!!!

Love, Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, I haven't posted but have certainly enjoyed watching you and your family so amazingly impact the kingdom of God in this world-altering manner. I have gobs of respect for your hard focus on family, cousin. Tear it down.

    Mike Farrington

  2. Continuing to Thank God and Praise God along with you. Sending you all our love and prayers, Karen :)

  3. you should change your "About Me" info; you have more sons and daughters to list :)