Waking up to an Ethiopian sunrise!

Good morning from Ethiopia!!
In a few hours we will be heading over to the transition home to pick up our children.
As we drive out those gates for the last time we will be ushered into a whole new life. I am trying to imagine the emotions and feelings they may have leaving everything they know behind.

We had a crazy time getting here!!

Red eye to New York on Friday night. Sitting at JFK airport for 3 hrs waiting to connect to washington dc. Randall constantly checking the sign which never posted our flight. Hearing boarding for people with infants. Then hearing our name called. Going up to the counter and telling us there was a weight problem, the plane was too heavy and we were bumped from the flight. Only took 35 passengers. 8 were bumped. She said she called our name before, we never heard it. No one ever lined up for general boarding. We said we had to get on flight. We only had an hour and 20 min. Catch our Ethiopian flight. Kelly, randalls sister was waiting in Washington to fly over with us.
We were in panic mode.
Earliest flight out was 7:25 that night, connect in Germany and then on to Ethiopia arriving that night. So we spent the day in the JFK airport and Kelly flew on to Ethiopia alone.
We got on our flight that night and sat in line on the runway in line for an eternity.
Pilot comes over pa and says we have mechanical issue with fuel pump. Going to try and fix it there. Sit tight.
Little bit later we are heading back to gate to fix it there. I am praying praying praying.
We stay on plane and pilot says best guess is 30 to 45 min. To fix. If it is longer he will let u,s off plane.
We only have a 3 hr connection in Germany.
A few min. Later it is fixed! Thank you God!!!
We were an hour late to Germany. Made it through security only with slight delay of randalls computer.
Nice airline..roomy seats..very friendly passenger next to Randall. Slept most o; the way!!

Breezed through visa and customs line and picked up by Yonas!!! And Kelly!!! Yon as is our sweet friend with america world who takes great care of us. Coming back here is like we never left. Same room In guest house. Same rooster crowing. Same nightclub noise down the street.
Yon as and guest house manager both asked how zach and nick were. We all formed life long bonds with the people here.

I am smelling yummy pancakes and hearing the laughter of the family next door. Kelly met them yesterday and they are adopting a 6 and 8 hr old boys. Friends with our oldest son. There will be several children here in the guest house going home to their forever families!
We are incredibly blessed,thankful,overwhelmed to be a part of this!

Pray for all of us today.

We love of of you!



  1. Praying for you guys! So excited for you all!

  2. Cannot wait to see pictures of your new family and hear how it went!