Tickets Booked

--heading to Ethiopia on July 14th! Hard to believe we are going to be meeting our
kids for the very first time in a little over 2 weeks! After much thought we have decided to take Zach and Nick with us. We are excited that they will get to experience where our children have come from and start to form relationships with them while we are there.
As you can imagine we are in the midst of preparation, getting shots, figuring out what to take, plans for Micah, meals for Luke and Micah, etc. etc... :)
Plus we are having a GINORMOUS garage sale on July 9th! I know that's probably going to put me over the edge since we leave the 14th but need to raise some mula for our 2nd trip to ET which will be when we bring the
kids home.
If you have any "TREASURE" you would like to donate to our sale please let me know! I will be glad to pick it up (or send a boy to pick it up!:))

Thank you for being excited alongside us!! 

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They do have awesome stuff! :)

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