Ethiopia HERE WE COME! :)

YES! We have a court DATE of July 22nd!

We got the call today... I was having lunch with my Dad for Father's Day at a barbeque restaurant and had my phone sitting on the table on vibrate. I noticed it buzzing around on the table with the 703 area code. By the time I grabbed it there was no one there. I ran out the door (b/c it was too loud) telling my Dad I thought it was our agency...poor Dad, left him eating his ribs by himself! :)

I called back the number and told the gal on the other line someone just called me from there..she asked who and I said I didn't know... (I guess I could listen to the voice mail!) but I was hoping it was Kristen!
Sure enough it was Kristen calling to say we had a court date!

Everything seems like it is in fast forward motion as we will be figuring out flights in the next day or so.
We haven't gotten our shots yet so have to call the international travel clinic tomorrow..etc. etc.. :)

Now is an AWESOME time to pass the word along about the OH $500 grant we could win plus 40% of  all sales goes directly towards our adoption travel costs! 
It's only until Tuesday @ midnight! (TN time)

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We covet your prayers.

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