March- In like a lion out like a lamb
Nope: here is out like a lion

Despite the weather Spring is bustin' out all over!

 is that Randall and I received our fingerprint appointments in the mail for April 25th. YEA!
The prayer request is that the 2 big boys living here would get their appointments soon. Apparently, according to USCIS we have to have an officer assigned to our case to check our homestudy for the other adults living in the house. It's first come first served and could take 75 days to process. I'm not sure if that means process from the time we are assigned an officer or what...I'm calling them back and hopefully will get a more helpful lady :) My first response was to WORRY...and then I realized first of all that does no good and second of all God already knows all this and His timing is perfect. 

Another EXCITING thing for us is that the sweet TEXAS family that took our care packages to our children in Ethiopia called and told me all about the kids. They loved on them and gave the packages to them.
She said they were the sweetest children and they looked and looked at the pictures of our family!
They also took lots of pictures of the children opening their packages and emailed them to us. Our hearts have melted looking at them! They also took video which we should get in the mail soon!

On the home front we are getting ready for graduation and all that entails! We are thankful for the gift of TIME
with our children!


  1. So blessed to read your posts Tracy! God is doing AMAZING things in the Autry family. Our family is praying for you all as God leads you on this wonderful journey. We love you guys and are so blessed by your family. BTW Joshua loved the picture of Micah. I am excited for the shirts from Ordinary Hero. Thanks for posting that so we can support you all through this. We love you guys.
    Ashley Elder

  2. Thank you Ashley! :) We are soooo thankful for your support and PRAYERS! :)