Birthday Boy!

Dressed up as Green Lantern..happens to be his birthday!

Birthday dinner

Yum! Fried Calamari!

Brothers having a laugh

Lemon Buttermilk cake...don't ask me why he's being a bird! 

Can we ever get a serious picture? :)

Micah giving Nick his own helicopter for his present.

18 years ago...Nicholas was born...the only dark haired boy of the bunch! With Luke just having turned 6 when Nicholas was born and the others stair stepped down he joined a loud boy- filled home. I remember my Mom asking if I was ever going to put him down b/c I carried him around so much. :)(okay, maybe it was because he was 3 and I was still carrying him around) What a whirlwind the last 18 years have been. We are so blessed to have Nick in our life...our home has had much laughter and joy with him in it! Yes, he drives me crazy sometimes and I drive him crazy but I love him (and all the boys) with all my heart. We are excited to see where God leads him as he heads off to college in the fall!

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