Happy Foggy Friday

Well, this is what we woke up to today. Our world covered in a thick fog and every tree branch covered in white icy stuff. This was a little fat sparrow sitting on our back porch railing wondering where the bird seed went. Terrible picture with my camera but it is what it looked like :)

I am finally getting our fundraiser up and out to you!! (remember I mentioned it eons ago?)

                                               PURE religion silicone bracelets!

They are a great conversation starter and also help us with our next costs. They have a cross symbol in front of the PURE. One of our sons wears both colors! 

Kids and teens love them! They are pink and yellow (my oldest son said those were the colors to get) and come in one size. 

I have LOTS of them so don't feel shy about ordering lots and passing them out! He, he! :)

2.00 each if you are local and I will hand deliver.

If you are long distance please check the paypal button for prices. 

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