JOY multiplied!

JOY x 5 little ones and 4 BIG ones

We are so thankful for all our 

I think I can say my heart was overflowing and tears threatened to come pouring out this Christmas
as we were exchanging gifts.
One BIG son had wrapped up 
his own i pod plus some fun stuff 
and given to his oldest brother.
He gave another brother his small computer like an i pad plus accessories to go with it.
He gave his Dad his personal binocular straps that Dad really liked plus a cool bag for archery stuff. 
They were thoughtful, personal, from the heart gifts.

My Mom heart almost couldn't take it and as I looked around at the other big boys I saw they were as moved and touched as we were.

Our sweet 6 year old had wrapped up his special handmade blanket plus a box full of his cars for his Daddy as well. He gave his treasures too.

In spite of all our failures ( I should speak for myself! My own failures as a Mom)
God gives us hope and allows us to see the goodness and preciousness of each child He has created and made unique.

Sometimes as a Mom life gets overwhelming...
the day to day..
the dishes over and over again...
the laundry that will never end...
the endless whining (or so it seems :))
the nights of homework 
the worrying ( I never thought I was a worrier but my oldest says I am)
and so onnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... 

and then I have to step back 
and look for 
and appreciate
 and savor 
the moments of
and I LOVE YOU's
and all
that is

Not sure where all that just came from :) but on to how we have been doing and some of the 
challenges we have faced since bringing home our 4.

Oct. 15th to now

1. 12 samples of poo within 3 days delivered to children's hospital!
2. giardia for everyone!
3. Scabies anyone? You Bet!
All of us treated.
4. Blood work taken from all 4. Two sat and watched blood being drawn. 1 screamed till all our eardrums burst! Baby cried for a bit.
5. Banana peel next to trash can on floor next to toilet in bathroom. Hmmmm...
6. Refusing to move, wailing/screaming/mad for all day fits.
7. Above happening for small things.
8. Whining as a means of communication.
9. Learning to ask for things with words.
10. Visit to dentist/screaming for 1 with eardrums once again bursting.
11. Everything given to them stuffed in their backpacks, tucked away in pillowcase.
12. Learning different personalities and how to best work with them.
1 Tomboy girl who loves to do hair and help.
1 Princess girl who loves to take care of her baby.
1 sweet boy who loves to help, play ball and read the Bible storybook with Dad.
(also trys to take Dad down in wrestling!)
1 Climbing baby who is into everything! He can shimmy up the stairs in 30 sec!
Loves to laugh!
1 Precious boy who is learning how to share his LIFE with 4 new brothers/sisters.
13. Getting used to stares when we are out as a family.
14. Getting used to comments such as:
3 Asian men came to look at our formal table:
him, "Lots of kids", me " Yes,"  Him, "Babysitting?"
me, "Nope, all ours!"
end of conversation.

Fireplace guy: all kids napping when he comes in, 1 by one they get up.
At end when I am paying he says, "Day care?" I said, "Nope, they are all ours! 24/7!"
15. Listening to singing in their language all together.
Listening to them speak to each other part English and part their own.

Life has been a whirl wind! Some days my brain can't think anymore such as the day I get a call from the school office:
"Mrs. Auty? Just wanted to let you know today was an early day out and M is sitting here in the office"
Me: " Do we not have school tomorrow? Usually it's an early day out the day before it's a no school day."

Her : "Today is Friday!" (EVERY Friday is early out!)

I didn't even try to explain to her my life!

And then another day we are driving after I picked up M from kindergarten:
M: "Mom, is there a reason we are driving and I am not buckled up?!!"


I have been so grateful for all the meals we have received! They literally have been a lifesaver... the help with housecleaning, laundry washing, encouraging etc.
Mom has come up and spent all day with me. She has worked with the kids on school and seen first hand LIFE here.
She about summed it up when she talked with M's teacher.
He had come home with a bag of stuff for me to help the teacher with here at home.
There was NO way I could do that so Mom took it back up to school for me. She talked with M's teacher who said something to the effect of it still figuring things out over here. 
Mom told her she was a retired teacher who knew what to do and it was even overwhelming for her! :)

We are learning our new normal :)
and growing as a family.

I am so thankful for Randall who has taken all 5 kids out to give me a break!
He loves to spend time with them and takes such good care of all of us!

The troops are up and on the loose so I better run!

Love, Tracy


  1. Great post! I laughed out loud at the "I'm not buckled" comment. My life exactly and I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.

  2. Thanks for your post amidst the craziness! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and it is wonderful to get an update. Praying for you and your little ones a lot. Please let me know if there is anyway myself and the kids could bless you!
    Thanks for your faithful service to your family and the Lord.

  3. Tracy--just read through your blog. I am probably one of the few people in this world that can truely relate...on every level! I love it---and I have had one of those calls from the school as well :) and am just working today on the poop samples and am also eternally grateful for a hard working and loving husband and mom-in-law. We need to get together and laugh. There is an ethio-utah group on facebook. It would be fun see how the kids play when life is normalized more in the future.