Mr. and Mrs. Glad

Last Tuesday came and went...
The interview that was supposed to happen last Tuesday
was actually scheduled for this Tuesday.

So the toilet is now out of the tub and back where it goes... :)

As I was walking/jogging this week (because I decided now that I have an extra week I better get back in shape before we bring the kids home!)
I passed a large stone marker in front a home
it said 
and then their house number

What an awesome name!

Definition of Glad:
feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Made me think.

On ANOTHER subject!! :)

We are waiting till we get Embassy clearance to purchase 2 round trip and 4 (possibly 3 if baby can ride on our lap) one ways home from Ethiopia. As you can imagine that will cost an arm and leg :)

We have 3200 saved up so far (which should cover 2 round trips).

is having another GRANT contest!!

$500 for first place winner!!!

Plus we get 40% of all sales!!

I thought it would be worth it to mention to you!

Many of you have given and we are so grateful! Beyond words grateful!!
Would love if you would pass it along to your friends, acquaintances, family etc!

Ordinary Hero has awesome stuff!
(just click on name or sidebar at right)

What I really like is you can donate a 
to families in Ethiopia 
to help
their burdens.

Please pass it along 
check the OH store out

Christmas is coming soon
and there are some gifts on there that will
literally change lives! :)

(just select Tracy Autry in the drop down affiliate box when you check out)


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