My Coffee POT left last week

I was going to title this post Life CHANGES & waiting but decided the coffee pot about summed it up :)

Last Thursday we moved the baby of our 1st batch of kids into the dorms at the University of Utah

7 years ago we thought at this point we would be Empty Nesters.

The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Prov. 16:9

My baby, coffee pot and babysitter left. The coffee pot because I had bought it for him and ours broke so we were using his : ) 

Because he is only about 40 min. away I told him I could come and check on him everyday.
He said that was okay as long as I brought Apple Pie.
And no... I am not a Helicopter Mom :)

That is the 1st Life Change.

2nd Life Change:

The SURPRISE BLESSING baby 12 years later is starting kindergarten.

7 years ago we had no idea  a precious blonde hair blue-eyed boy of ours would be starting school.
cotton candy face 

We are sure thankful we are not Empty Nesters!

3rd life change:
I know you know this one :)

God has increased our family by 4!

We are waiting to be submitted to the US Embassy. 
We thought we might be submitted last Wednesday...nope..
thought it would be this Wednesday...nope...
hopefully next Wednesday?

Our agency is gathering court decrees, birth certificates and other paperwork on our children. They can only submit that on Wednesday's. After it is submitted the Embassy has 10 days to tell us if we are cleared for travel or they need more information.
Our best guess is we will bring them home mid Sept. 

As we know though we have learned to not keep to a timeline :)

Soooo.. while we wait we are preparing-
painting, cleaning out rooms, trying to finish all the Attachment books,
clean out 25 yrs of file cabinets..just joking, continuing to raise funds for our 2nd trip to pick up the kids (yep, 5 airplane tickets on way home- Baby can sit on our lap!)

We have so much to be thankful for and some day I will write what some of those specifics are along our journey.

love, Tracy


  1. Love ya mom!


  2. I am so inspired by your story! I was just telling my girls how you were my first real friend when we moved to Burleson in 1982. Your love for Christ and people was always evident so this family of yours is a natural expression of who you are. I am praying for easy transitions for you all. Lots of love, Christie Herrington

  3. Dear Tracy, I am almost in tears as I read this! Your lives and love for Christ are such an encouragement to me! I will be praying for you and am so grateful for all of you!

    Blessings, grace, and peace in HIM,


  4. Tracy, I am obviously completely behind. I had no idea you were adopting four. You must send me an email some time giving me all the details. I will be praying that all the paperwork is done soon. My email is khebenstreit@comcast.net.