Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Prov.15:30

We DO have NEWS for you! :) 

I haven't posted b/c it has been crazy around here! 

The good NEWS is:

We received our I -171 H form in the mail (also called Favorable Letter of Determination)
in the mail on JUNE 2nd! 64 days after our application date...whew! USCIS had sent us a letter requesting more financial info. so we had to have our social worker do an update on our homestudy and then we submitted that. 

Christopher, Memaw, me, Luke and Grandma at Adoption Surprise party

Family album with encouraging notes

I overnighted our approval letter to our agency on June 3rd and they shipped it to Ethiopia. It got to ET today which means our case can be opened for court. YEA! 

Please pray that we have a court date in before the end of July! Rainy season starts August and goes through Sept. and the court shuts down so we wouldn't be able to have a court date until October. 

We have been getting such sweet pictures of our children by other families taking care packages for us and it makes us want to go asap to bring them home!! :)
donation box and fundraising bracelets

Vince and Lynette! :)

The next GOOD NEWS is Nicholas graduated from high school last Friday. Wow! It's hard to believe he is done. Our family from Texas and TN all flew in and we have had wonderful times together!


Our sweet friend Lynette and my brother Vince organized a surprise Adoption Celebration Party for us on Sat. We played an Jeopardy Game with Ethiopia facts and had lots of laughs. Lynette had everyone fill out encouraging notes for our kids in ET and us and put them in the family album. They also set up a box for donations :) For us it was very encouraging! Thank you to all our sweet friends who came and surprised us!

Good news! Good news! Christ died for me. Good news! Good news! If I believe; Good news! Good news! I'm saved eternally. That's wonderful EXTRA good news.

That's the song I think of when I look back at all the the good things these past several weeks!

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  1. Hi Tracy, Jessy asked me to comment so that you could hop over to my blog. I have been reading yours for a while, but never commented.

    So happy for your Ethiopian kids joining your awesome family.

    I needed to hear some good news today, so I'm glad I stopped here!