Dossier Mailed to our agency!

Moab! Wishing we were there :)

After a few hiccups and taking all day to assemble, copy and double check I mailed
our dossier today! It will go to our agency and then if all looks well next Friday they will send it to Ethiopia on Friday! WOO HOO! :)
We have moved from being paper chasing to being paper pregnant (in adoption terms)!

The only slight backwards thing about this is we are still waiting for approval from USCIS dept. so our dossier will be translated in ET but our case won't be opened for court until that form is there.
Our agency allowed us to do this because we already have a referral for our 4 children and it will save us time. Praying that I- 171 H form comes soon! (this is the one that can take 75 days to process)

Also, my fingerprints did pass even though the gal at the local office here said they would be rejected. YEA!
God does work out all the details and this was an encouraging news for me!

Wanted to let you all in on this important milestone! :)

fell asleep while reading!

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