Remember awhile back when I talked about waiting...

Well... what I was referring to was that Randall and I were reviewing the files for a sibling group of 4 from Ethiopia on our Waiting Child List. We have spent the last two weeks praying and looking over their info and this past Wed. said a definite YES to adopting them into our family!! (due to confidentially purposes we can't share pictures on our blog until after they are legally ours). Today I mailed our official acceptance paperwork!

Please pray for these sweet children in Ethiopia who are WAITING and for us as we prepare to bring them here. We are EXCITED along with a myriad of other emotions that are hard to explain but know God has drawn us to them and HIS TIMING is perfect in doing so. 

Our next steps are to get our homestudy updated, submit paperwork to USCI (immigration dept) and then submit our dossier to Ethiopia. We are hoping all this goes quickly but just a very rough guesstimate is maybe a June court date? After the 1st court date in Ethiopia there is a second trip to Ethiopia to pick up the children's Visas from the Embassy and then bring them home. We really have no idea though so would also ask for your prayers that everything moves along as quick as possible.

I will post more later but wanted to let the CAT out of the BAG! :)


  1. Praying for the children and for you and Randall, too. Woohoo. how exciting! What an incredible adventure. Yes, God's ways and timing are always the absolute best. :) Love, Karen

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! HOW EXCITING THAT GOD HAS SHOWN YOU WHO HE HAS CHOSEN FOR YOUR FAMILY!!!!! Praying that the remainder of the process will go smoothly, efficiently and that He will cover each and every one of you in the waiting! We are in Idaho, and friends with Kylie and Lee! We should arrange a get-together once we are all HOME with our kiddos! Blessings to you and yours! :o) God is SO GOOD! ALWAYS.

  3. WHAT??? I am just reading this. (Well, the best I can through tear filled eyes.) 4! I can hardly sit still. I want to hear the whole story. I have been praying for you since you shared your hopes for adoption. I never would have imagined 4. GOD is so very good. YAY! BLESSINGS, LOVE, and ANGELS ALL AROUND YOU AND YOURS! This is truly a miracle!