2 Wheels

 Happy Monday!
Life has been crazily flying by. Here are some highlights from the last couple of months:

Fundraising garage sale: made about $300... made about 5 dozen cinnamon rolls which I think Nick ate 2 dozen---seriously!

Road Trip to Texas:  7 of us in mini-van...6 adults and 1- 4 yr old... straight through on way down. We had a wonderful fishing trip with family and then a big fish fry. Randall's little sister was married and we caught up with family members we haven't seen in years. Told about adoption journey :) Spent the night in Alb. on way home. Sweet memories with all of our children.

Women's Retreat:  Stayed in a lodge with about 15 other women. BEAUTIFUL fall colors in Utah mountains... God's artwork and color is incredible. Shared more about adoption journey :)

I don't know how many other women are in the same boat as me...preschoolers and 20yr olds but it is quite an adventure. I had a conversation with one particular son tonite who said , " I have no purpose or sense of direction right now." What does a Mom say to that? :)
Thankfully he is not down in the dumps. He is involved with church, people and will be on the mountain soon working. (I did tell him I was going to put that in my blog b/c it was just so matter of factly said)

On the other hand I had a conversation today with my 4 yr old about 2 wheel bikes and that he already knows how to ride one (even though he doesn't) and he is going to get one on his birthday. And he is only having boys at his party, not girls...not even Grandma could come. (hmmm... I did tell him Grandma would be sad and she was coming :))

The other conversation with a different son was about a weird dream he had and how funny it was. Also, how on earth was it possible that his grade point went down even though his grade went up in a class. He has missed a lot of school due to being sick and the Texas trip.

Talked with the son who is married who is my natural salesman. I asked him if he would be comfortable selling our new "fundraiser" at school and to his friends to help raise money to bring home a little girl. Of course he would...send him as many as I wanted and he would start taking orders now!

On that note!!! I am excited because I ordered a fund raiser for our adoption tonite. We get them in 2 weeks. YEA! I will post more when we get them about how you can be a part of giving an orphan girl a Mom, Dad, 5 brothers and a sister!

We have just gone over our homestudy and will meet one more time to go over the final copy. I will post more in depth about where we are at and the next steps.

Excited to be on this journey and hope you will join in as you can!

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