Just starting out

Today is the day I decided to brave the blogging world and start our own. This is very intimidating and I want to have an awesome blog without having to figure it all out so please be patient as this evolves :)

A sweet friend (actually my son's new Mother-in-law) sent me a card several months ago. The front of it says, " I BELIEVE if Jesus calls me to get out of the boat, He is going to be there to help me walk on the water. If I start to sink, which sometimes I do, He'll reach His hand down and HE'LL LIFT ME UP." Joyce Meyer

This was one of those opportune cards because soon after this Randall and I started talking about adoption and orphan care.  I was ready to start the adoption process and kept teasing him about getting out of the boat! I guess we are the classic text book case where the woman is ready to bring home a child and the husband tends to think more logically and takes awhile to make the decision (I know there are exceptions to this). So for a few months we had this joke among us and some close friends about getting out of the boat. Wellll....he finally got out of the boat (after much prayer and discussion) and we are on our adoption journey to add a little girl to our family of 5 sons. :)

The inside of the card reads, " God will give you everything you need to do everything He has called you to do. You are in His hands and in His will, and there is no better place to be."

I will post bits and pieces of our life and adoption journey as well as pictures when I figure out how!
Until then...Have an awesome day! :)

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